Reunited Cat

ColorBlack w/h white paws & chest
Lost at2543 fairfield st., Eureka
Lost onMonday, July 24, 2017
DescriptionOreo has lived in our neighbor hood for about 5 to 7 years. She was our nieghbors pet but they moved out and left her so we took her in and give her water and food every day. She sleeps outside but shes always out front of our house waiting to be pet. She loves attention and she is really nice to every body. I moved out of my moms apartment about a week ago and i have only seen her one time after that. Its was about 2 days after i moved. I came back to get some of my things and she was drinking water on the door step. I havnt seen her since then and im afraid sumthing happend to her becuz she comes around every day usually. She should have a white flea collar on her and probably a scrape on her head from fighting with other cats in the nieghborhood. She is very nice and will aproach anybody. She is kind of a small cat. Not unhealthy small just petite. Please help me find her. She means so much to me and my mother and we are pretty heart broken without her. She is back with white paws and white on her chest. She also has a clipped ear.