Reunited Dog

ColorBlack and white
Lost at3500 blk Centerville Rd, Ferndale
Lost onTuesday, Sept. 5, 2017
DescriptionClyde is small border collie, loyal to master, not very friendly, cautious, black and white short hair. long legs, fast runner, slender build. We all love this great guy. Not like him to wonder away. Clyde is a sweet and happy dog. He is a real little guy, a working dog. He likes being outside, in the back of a truck, on a 4 wheeler, gets happy excited when the water hose is running or around motorized tools. He does not like being indoors and a house is utterly suspicious to him! He won't be comfortable in a house unless he can help vacuum or dust mop the floor. He will come, if one calls “here Clyde”, that's a command he is trained to understand.