Lost Cat

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ColorMostly white/some blue-grey
Lost atBurrill st & Hiller, Eureka
Lost onFriday, Sept. 22, 2017
DescriptionLOST CAT Burrill st and Hiller, near Alice Birney School, Eureka Solo Ragdoll Mix Male White with blue-grey Siamese markings. Blue eyes and he is a little crosseyed.. He is very friendly and very social and loves people. Born on April 22 Likes walks and playing chasing games with my own and other kids and tolerates the rough play of babies and toddlers. Unaltered but has an appointment Monday 9/25/17 to be fixed. No collar tags or microchip as Disappeared Burrill st and Hiller, near Alice Birney School. He went outside about 8 pm on Friday September 22. Not a sign of him since. Please help bring him home safe! Call or text Candie 707 616 5540