Lost Dog

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NameRocky, Rambo and Lunchbox
ColorRed pit, blue pit, brindle pit
Lost atHighway 299, Willow Creek
Lost onWednesday, Nov. 1, 2017
DescriptionRocky, Rambo and Lunchbox ran off yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon 2 miles west of Willow Creek, probably chasing a deer. They all have collars, tags. They are friendly, Lunchbox will get in the car with anyone, Rocky and Rambo will for a treat. Rocky (55lbs) tall and skinny pit mix, he is orange with white on his nose Rambo (70lbs) stocky and strong pit mix, he is blue grey with white legs and chest and white diamond on his shoulders/neck Lunchbox (45lbs) short and muscular pitbull, he is grey and fawn brindle with white nose and socks They are all short hair, fixed and licensed with county. We hope they are on their way home and not playing on he highway 😬 THANK YOU!! ❤❤❤