Found Cat

ColorBlack & white
Lost at1710 Gates St, Eureka
Lost onSaturday, Nov. 25, 2017
DescriptionB&W face, white feet & lower legs; some black fur bleached to brown. Pink nose. Very friendly & loves to be petted, very sweet. Surely belonged to someone at some time. Unafraid of small barking dog at 1710. Face & paws big, as if were a big cat, but now body very thin & smallish, ribs & spine felt thru fur. Appears to have been outside a long time, looks neglected. Missing front lower canine tooth. Has been in front of 1630 & 1710 Gates St, Eka. Refused to stay in garage at 1710, preferring to stay in open but sheltered box at 1630. They are providing food & water. Don't have pic yet; will try to get.
ContactMargaret Reuter