Reunited Cat

ColorMixed, Tabby colors
Lost at1921 Broadway St, Eureka
Lost onFriday, Feb. 9
DescriptionMy husband and I were moving from one room to another at the Broadway Motel where we live and during the process my cat Baby disappeared and we have been trying to find her. Screaming her name all around Broadway Motel front back the sides even walked a couple blocks south and north calling for our cat but nothing she does not do this she always sticks around especially when it's a new place to live and it is and she was doing great but she is very friendly and likes to walk up on anybody she is a very sweet cat and her name is baby she has an orange collar with silver studs and two bells on it and my phone number and her name are on the inside. It kind of isn't too legible, the writing. She is much loved and missed, she is a part of our family, our baby. We now have a whole inside of our heart. I will give a small reward