Reunited Dog

Lost at17th and J street, Eureka
Lost onTuesday, March 13, 2018
DescriptionHis is golden brownish with black on the front if his ears he has fuzzy ears and is a kinda fluffy/Long haired dog with kinda a fluffy Long hair tail idk if he has a hurt back leg or is just really old but he is a good dog listens perfect he has no collar so I take him potty an whatnot with no leash to my front yard an he won't leave my sight an comes right back in an lays down an chills please get ahold of me ASAP I wanna save this guy he's really cool an a really good dog the mail lady came an he barked so he's a good gaurd dog too lol but he seems like a inside dog and is just lost an I'm sure he misses home but it's nice for him here until his family finds him unless someone has a place they would like to keep him until his family finds him get ahold of me cause idk how this will affect my work thanks