Found Dog

ColorWhite & black/Black & white
Lost atCorner of w. Buhne and California , Eureka
Lost onWednesday, April 4, 2018
Description*Description of dog: White and black pit bull mix (?) Looked like some kind of bull dog looking mix, pit bull or something similar. Didn’t have a giant head like most pits. I think it was mostly white with large black spots/markings. I think it had a pink collar but don’t quote me on that color. (I’m trying my best to remember every little detail!) *Description of encounter: I saw the dog wandering around w.buhne and California streets in Eureka around 2:30pm. I stopped and got out to try to call it to me so I could read the tag but the dog was very skiddish. Just the sound of my truck door closing scared it and it slowly ran away from me. I tried to follow it and call it with whistling and little kissing noises but it was too scared and tried to stay away from me as much as possible. ***The dog was going down California towards the shell the last time I saw it.*** By the time I got back into my truck to try to follow it to get a photo, I lost eyes on it. My apologies I couldn’t get a photo or help more and I really hope you find your pup!