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Lost at2433 A street, Eureka CA
Lost onTuesday, June 5, 2018
DescriptionArian is our baby, she's a mama and daddy's girl. We've had her since she was 5 weeks old,so she likes to be close to us most of the time. She's actually weiner dog mixed with deer-legged chihuahua, but only looks like the deer-legged Chihuahua . She's a pretty golden blondish tan color, with two white front paws and a white dip tip on end of her tail. She also has a recently shaved rectangle shape on her right front arm -top from her visit to the vet last week and another shaved spot about an inch from the base of her tail on the outside or top of her tail,and it's an inch or so long. Usually she is skiddish,stand-offish or shy if she doesn't know you. Yesterday our roommate had left the door open ,and I had to catch her,she was in the road 3-4 blocks away from our home. Today I noticed she was missing around 1:30pm, and my search party and I have been looking for her all day,without any goodluck or any tips or leads so far. We're really upset,worried and stressed out, espescially because she has no name tag or even a collar on to identify her. Please contact me or my friend @ the # listed or 7072981304 . A generous rewardbto the whoever brings her home to me,so keep that in mind, it will be we'll worth your while to do so.We are located between Henderson and Buhne Street(corner A and Long St.) So I'm worried about her getting hit by car or dog-napped.Thank you for this website and your time.Michelle and Shawn.
ContactMichelle or LaShawn