Reunited Dog

ColorRedish, black, white
Lost at617 Park Ave, Arcata
Lost onMonday, June 11, 2018
DescriptionMika is a 9 year old (looks Younger) Shiba Inu. She is predominantly red colored, with black down her back, whitish colored muzzle and feet. Everyone says she looks like a fox but she has tail curled up and over normally. She is small dog but a huge part of our family. She is very cautious and shy around strangers so she may not come if called. At home she is very playful and engaged but in public she may approach to smell but then dart away before you can pet her. She dug a hole under our fence in Arcata in the Redwood State Park area at the bottom of Fickle Hill Rd. sometime mid afternoon on Monday while I was away at work and has not returned. She is wearing a collar with a small black tag that says Mika and has a phone number on the back. Please call if you have her or have seen her. Thank you