Lost Cat

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NameFluffy “Fluffers”
ColorBlack on silver tiger stripped
Lost atClam Beach 1st parking lot, McKinleyville
Lost onWednesday, July 4, 2018
DescriptionThis is Fluffy”aka:Fluffers”, He is an unneutered male tiger stripped tabby(I think) he is probly 4 months old or so, he had on a light teal-green reflective spotted collar with a bell on it! He was TAKEN by people in a U-HAUL from CLAM BEACH PARKING LOT (BY BATHROOMS) ON TUESDAY JULY 3RD! He is my baby, and I a worried sick about him, he's rather feisty and I am afraid whoever took him will fond he isn't a sweet lazy cat and let him go or something.He got out of out Trailer for no more than 20mins and whoever took him didn't even ask around. We were told they were from Arcata but I drove all over in hopes of finding he u-haul with no luck..PLEASE IF YOU KNOW WHO HAS HIM PLEASE IM BEGGING , RETURN HIM NO QUESTIONS ASKED, THANK GOD HE DIDNT MEET A LESSER FATE! PLEASE I WILL GIVE WHATEVER $ I HAVE AS A REWARD. PLEASR CALL 707-683-2581 OR 707-630-2072* CALL OR TEXT. THANK YOU!