Lost Pet

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NameNot named yet
ColorYellow/orange/dark grey
Lost atUnknown Address, Fortuna
Lost onFriday, July 6, 2018
DescriptionHello, I am hoping to get some help. My 11 y/o son has saved and saved and was in the process of purchasing this bird. He put his deposit down and was visiting everyday to develop a bond. The bird was still being hand fed and was not ready for us to take home. We went today and found out the bird accidentally got away. The bird got scared and flew and as soon as he did a larger bird that was in the area swooped down and started to chase him. He fled to the trees across the street from the Starbucks in Fortuna and they have been trying to find him ever since. My son is heartbroken. The bird is very very friendly and prefers to be around people. I would not be surprised if he has landed in someone’s yard or on someone. We are hoping someone has him or has seen him. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. Foxi 971-235-8831