Lost Cat

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ColorGrey white and a little orange
Lost atF St between 9th and 10th, Arcata
Lost onSunday, July 1, 2018
DescriptionMy sweet fluffy snuggle bug hasn't been home in over a week. She likes to spend most of her time running the block and keeping the rats at bay, or visiting neighbors to act like she's neglected for food, but she is never gone this long. She is the most friendly manipulative, loving fluffy girl, but she does have a tendency to kill rodents and snack on them to protect the garden. I'm terrified that she may have gotten a rat that ate poison or something. Last seen between the Arcata transit station and F st between 9th and 10th. I offer a reward for anyone who reunites me with my baby. I've had her since she was abandoned in a field before her eyes opened and for the first time I don't feel her nearby and it's tearing me apart. Thank you