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Lost atUnknown Address, Arcata
Lost onWednesday, July 11
DescriptionYoung RedNose pit & Australian Shep/hlr mix Has harness. Dog was abandoned down town just as I was driving by. I asked around and an old man was following him slowly trying to get him because a homeless looking man in a top hat and cape threw a bag of dog food by the bus stop in front of City hall and just let go of the leash saying he didn't want this dog anymore. I took him home and my friend and I cleaned him up. Later the man saw me at a store and asked if he could have the dog back. I told him no. He is a sweet wonderful man dog, and I don't know if he had a previous owner who he was stolen from and would want him back. He has a few scars, tell me where they are and If he is intact or not and I'll see about getting him back to you.