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NameSalmpsun P. Shnoodle Mozart Dodds
ColorMix of Grey/Black
Lost at1723 I Street, Eureka
Lost onFriday, July 20, 2018
DescriptionSalmpsun was taken from me on Dec. 14th, 2017, at the Humb.Co. Library (on 3rd st./Eureka, Ca.). By the time I was able to locate his whereabouts, he had already been adopted out from the Animal Shelter in McKinleyville, Ca. As they only give the True owner about 4 working days to locate, claim, & pay the $150.00 fee to get your pet back. I've been lucky enough before to be able to do all 3 requirements in that small window of time. This time, I was not able to fulfill all 3 requirements, & he was put up for adoption. (a $30.00 fee). I've had Salmpsun for 8 yrs., since he was just 4 mo. old. He is my baby dog, & I am willing to cover any & all expenses incurred on his behalf, to have him returned to his real owners (me & my husband of 20 yrs). LET SALMPSUN CHOOSE WHO HE PREFERS TO GO WITH, that is all that I ask. LET HIM DECIDE. We thank you for saving him from that place, as we all know what happens to the ones who don't get adopted. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get there before you (you all?) were. My name is Sunny, my husband is Leafe. My # is 707-498-5646, PLEASE HELP US TO REUNITE OUR FAMILY. Thankyou. (We miss you very much Salm)! Can't wait to see you again! Hope it's soon.
ContactSunny & Leafe Dodds