Reunited Cat

Colorblack and orange
Lost at1927 Fairfield St (check the side alley or the empty lot behind the property. the lot is fenced off), Eureka
Lost onWednesday, Sept. 5, 2018
DescriptionUPDATE: “THIS CAT HAS A HOME, SHE COMES BACK ALL THE TIME THROUGHOUT THE DAY DO NOT PICK HER UP PLEASE. Her name is dutchess and she’s very friendly and doesn’t go far.” ~ Her owner Janalee This is definitely the friendliest cat I've ever met. I've been reluctant to report this cat because I'm not sure if the cat belongs to one of the tenants around the area. the cat hangs out in the empty, fenced off lot behind Fairfield St, sometimes it wanders into the yard on the property. I found the cat there a few weeks ago while I was doing an inspection at the property. I do not live at this property. I would love to adopt this cat. I would have done so already, but I am allergic to cats. I'm still itchy from when I saw it earlier today (2018-09-13) and i just can't resist petting it despite being allergic.