Lost Dog

ColorRed, Blonde, White
Lost atCoopers Gulch, EUREKA
Lost onTuesday, Dec. 4, 2018
DescriptionHarvey was stolen from Yuba county November 13th, from Facebook postings about my dog I was able to find him on camera in Red Bluff November 21st. Possivle sightings in Redding a week after the 21st. Sighting of a transient woman with a red corgi at coopers filch December 4th. Harvey is on the smaller side for a corgis he has a much flatter coat and isntnl fluffy. He has a lot more muscular body type as har as corgis gol, even his butt isnt fluffy. His tail was docked abnormally shortly so he doesnt even have the traditional corgi nub. His back and shoulders are very red with white boots on all 4 paws, a white blaze on the back of his head/neck/left shoulder. A neighbor kicked his jaw slightly crooked so he isnt able to fully close his teeth but you would have to pull back his gums to examine that. He is very friendly and respond to his name well. He will jump straight up in the air from a 2 legged standing position for treats. https://m.facebook.com/cameron.hodges.121/posts/pcb.10218088426743441/?photo_id=10218088384942396
ContactCameron Hodges