Found Dog

ColorMainly brown, w/ black, white
Lost atJuncture of T & Hayes Sts; between S & T, & between Henderson & Hayes., Eureka
Lost onTuesday, Jan. 1
DescriptionI'm at the “dead-end”, 90°-angle junction of T & Hayes St.s in Eureka (between S & T, & between Henderson & Hayes). While walking my dog, I saw a dog running free & only got brief looks at him/her. So this description is frustratingly imprecise: S/he is medium sized, medium height, looked 25-40 lbs to me. His/her hair is short. Mostly a rich “chestnut-ty” reddish brown, with dark brown &/or black & some white or cream. The impression I got was “beagle-ish”, but I'm not real proficient with breeds. S/he is wearing a bright green collar (darker green, but NOT dark forest-green). I could not tell if s/he has tags. S/he did not clearly look like a puppy, & was not visibly elderly that I could tell. S/he seemed to move well & relatively quickly, BUT… S/he was running on THREE legs—holding one leg up, as if it is injured. (At least during one of the brief looks I got at him/her s/he was on 3 legs & holding up the fourth…I didn't notice the limp during the other glimpses.) I believe that the injured leg/paw is the rear left leg (your left-hand, if you are facing the dog). The look in her/his eyes was intense—to me it looked like either fear, upset, stress, &/or pain OR guilt, knowing s/he has “escaped”. That's just my own guess, of course. S/he ran off quickly when s/he noticed me & my dog! I was walking my sweet puppy—a very big, very energetic pup who was certainly curious & interested in checking this dog out—but, this dog ran fast to put distance & hide; no interest in socializing. That's when I got my longest look & noticed that s/he was holding up one leg. My fear is that s/he is lost AND injured. 😕 I walked my dog home, got some food, treats, & a leash & have come back to where I saw him/ her—T & Hayes. S/he did run out from one hiding spot & off into the woods/gully in front of me, at this juncture of T & Hayes, when I came back. A young man coming out of one of the houses here said that s/he has been running a “loop” at this end of T St. for several hours. I've put out little food piles in hopes of luring her/him out, & calling to him/her for at least 20 mins, but s/he has not yet reappeared. I will take & post a picture if I get the chance.