Reunited Cat

ColorOrange Tabby
Lost at1700 Antoine Ave, Arcata, CA
Lost onThursday, Jan. 31
DescriptionBindi is a very sweet friendly old kitty man, but in good health for his age. We live in the neighborhood behind Spear/Alliance in Arcata, cross street, Antoine Ave. I don't know how he could have gotten out as he can't really get out of the backyard and is too old to climb fences, but maybe he squeezed through a hole I don't know about. He doesn't usually stay out in the backyard for more than 10 or 30 minutes. Maybe a couple of hours sometimes if he's napping in the sunshine, but he usually comes right back. He's been gone since around 7 or 8am this morning. It hasn't been that long, but this is really unusual for his age and temperament so I am posting right away. Any help folks can give in reuniting me and my boy would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you!