Lost Cat

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NameMeow Cat
ColorBrown/black shorthair tabby
Lost at445 Lindholm ln , Bayside
Lost onTuesday, April 30
DescriptionMeow cat went missing this past Tuesday April 30, when she didn't show up for her regular meals. She is wearing a red cat collar with 4 bells on it. She is a 9 lb small stocky brown/black striped shorthair tabby cat who says “ee—aoww” when she meows. In Bayside down a spur off of Graham Rd at the end of Lindholm. She gets super stressed out when she is out of her outdoor element and freaks out/meows a lot indoors. Uncontrollable nonstop biscuits when held. Posting in case someone took her in or knows what happened to her. Please contact 609-235-6456 if you know anything, she is a very loved and missed member of our family. Thanks-Brian & Allison
ContactBrian and Allison