Found Dog

Lost at1420 G street, Eureka
Lost onSaturday, May 4
DescriptionUPDATE: This dog was caught and taken to the Humboldt County Animal Shelter…. 707-840-9132………………. Found an intact male Chihuahua by the Eureka Municipal Auditorium, very friendly, no tags or collar, eager to follow another dog home, although we didn't get him to stay. He's intact, quite far along with mange, might have worms due to some observed behavior, so he looks like he's been living rough for a while, but he seemed too friendly to be totally feral. What fur he has looks to be a lighter, rusty brown, with maybe a bit of white on his toes. He didn't take offered food or water, so he's not likely hurting for sustenance. If someone has lost him, I hope this helps!
ContactCall Lost Coast Communications: (707) 786-5104