Found Cat

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ColorTabby, Bengal, or highland mix
Lost atUnknown Address, Eureka
Lost onSunday, Oct. 27
DescriptionVery soft, very clean sweet and calm. Doesn't try to leave my apartment, I have intentionally left the door open and watched the cat to see if it tries to get out , it doesn't. I gave the cat toys, but it doesn't play with them , the cat greets me verbally every time I arrive , and it is ,..well a very sweet clean cat. The cat has been in a room with a small dog, that was bigger then the cat, and the cat layed down about a foot from the dog and started purring …. I am unable to keep this cat forever , because it cost 100 deposit , in addition to an extra 50 every month added to my rent. I can't afford it , but I will foster it as long as I can, ….if an owner comes forward I have a lot of supplies for the animal, that will go home with the animal as a gift.