Lost Dog

Lost atUnknown Address, Klamath
Lost onSaturday, March 21
DescriptionShe is a American pit I had a friend convince me to take her up to her mother's house and Klamath her mother's name is me she hopes with spade and neutering in a few other things shelter for animals there in Klamath hey took my dog up there to get shots done and left her there at only been there one time I'm sure where this women maze houses and no way to contact her I was supposed to get my dog coat back in three days her daughter kept making excuses of why she can go get my dog I gave her daughter gas money three times to pick up my dog I had begged for the phone number and information to get my dog hope she is all I have a 94 pack can a woman that has her increments is a nice woman and older women her name is Mae most people in the community call her Ant-Man I am begging for anyone who knows her to please find my dog and get her back to me I did not abandon her I have been doing everything I can to try to contact us women including giving money three times to her daughter to get her for me and the woman took my money and never went and got my dog I am homeless and I need my dog I have nothing but hope and I need her back please please Hope was born on September 17th I got her when she was two and a half weeks old after her mother died I have lost everything and I needed her and she needed me and that is why I named her help and I hope that you guys find her or somebody does I need her back please as soon as on your website is my does my last hope in getting her back I'm located at the community center in Arcata please may if you see this please find a way to get my dog back to me thank you I do want to say one more thing I don't believe this older woman May or Ant-Man in Klamath is holding my dog I do believe her daughter has some serious drug and mental problems and this was holding my dog mother that I have just abandon her I don't know I've been unable to contact the woman to the speaker her myself and I don't want anybody to think that this woman May who is helping me with my dog shots and anyways withholding my dog just took her from me it is definitely her daughter and I don't know what else to do please help
ContactTamerra Schumacher