Found Cat

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ColorWhite Gray
Lost atShaw Ave & Fourth St, Ferndale
Lost onWednesday, June 17
DescriptionThis adult, male, gray and white cat suddenly appeared on my nightly dog-walking route. I have never seen him before, but he is acting scared and hungry and has followed me (for many blocks) for two nights in a row, meowing and acting a bit desperate. I've asked several neighbors and no one recognizes him. I fed him and gave him water tonight, which he ate and drank voraciously. The neighbors say that there is a spot nearby, where people have been known to dump animals :( The cat is currently on Shaw Street in Ferndale, mostly hanging out in front of St. Mary's Episcopal Church, across the street from the larger white Lutheran Church. I first saw him in the parking lot behind the Red Front Store on Main Street and Shaw, before he followed me up the street to the church and has remained there, ever since. Whenever he sees me and my dog coming, he runs out from behind the church, meowing desperately. I really think he needs help. I hung flyers in the area in an attempt to find a potential owner, but again, I have never seen him there before yesterday and I walk that route every night.