Lost Dog

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NameBABY Girl
Lost at1751 McCullen Avenue , Eureka
Lost onTuesday, June 2
DescriptionBaby girl has white on her paws and chest she's an Alligator Pit she has hip dysplasia and needs her medicine she got out of my son's yard about 3 p.m. June 2nd what we understand a blue maybe Jeep with a couple in the car picked her up and then turned into the mall the lady Behind these people told us about this cuz she was going to pick baby girl up she has a mate named doobie they have been together for 5 years he is 13 but they are like husband and wife they sleep with their arms around each other and everything please please bring her home we really miss her her made you be is not doing well at all I'm worried about him and I'm worried about baby girl too I cry almost every night and morning
ContactJoAnne McKenney