Lost Cat

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ColorBlack as night
Lost atAP Rd or Redwood Drive past the machine shop at north end of town, Redway, CA
Lost onSunday, Nov. 8
DescriptionShe is a sweet fearless kitty that kicks dogs butts. She is long and lanky but has a small featured triangle face with large dark gold eyes. She was in our car, (we were in between places) & she must have slipped out when I got out of the car that night. It was either at the bottom of AP rd or at the north end of Redway, right above the group of houses where the machine shop is. We had to go to a friend's & on the way back down she freaked out because of my friends driving. .its been a month but we aren't giving up. I think an old couple might have found her. She is very resourceful. Please help us find her!
ContactBryna and Archer