Reunited Dog

Lost atin the alley next to 5000 Valley West Boulevard, Arcata
Lost onTuesday, March 30
DescriptionChewie & I were walking through the alley behind Round Table in the Valley West Shopping Center Monday night, when she turned around and ran the other way, back towards Valley East Boulevard… I called after her a couple times before I started walking back myself… When I got to the alley she was nowhere to be seen the few people who were around said they had not seen her… both of whom I know, and one of which has a dog of his own… So I believe that she went through the breezeway next to Harbor Freight where she was picked up by a stranger & Spirited Away in a vehicle of some sort… Chewie came into my Lyphe at a time when I wasn't feeling very well & gave me reason to continue living… I am beside myself with grief at the loss of my puppy, as we are both very co-dependent on each other… I'm offering $100 to whoever will bring her back to me or at least tell me where she is so that I'm able to go and get her…