Found Cat

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Lost atnear C & Huntoon, Eureka
Lost onFriday, Aug. 27
DescriptionThis grey cat showed up in the alley behind my house a few nights ago and he’s been out there at the same time every night since. Hangs around for a few hours after dusk. I suspect he belongs to someone; he doesn’t seem too skinny or feral. However, he appears to not be neutered (I didn’t get a very good look!) and sounds like he has a cold/respiratory inflection so I’m concerned. I’ve been giving him treats, just sitting & talking with him in hopes he’ll let me put a collar on him with a note … but he’s still nervous around me. He’s on the small side & almost entirely grey except for slight stripes on his back legs. If this is your handsome fellow please text me so I know he’s not a stray!