Lost Dog

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ColorAll white
Lost at57 antler ct, Whitethorn
Lost onFriday, Oct. 8
DescriptionHe is a handsome all white German Shepard mix with 1 blue eye 1 brown eye. He is a evil genius that enjoys challenging authority. He is also a total ham. We live in sheltercove. When we go out 4 walks he doesn't get to really play with other dogs so because of this when I am away he he masterminds his way out To go to the beach to play other dogs on his own terms . I do not agree with this I try my best to contain him contain him but as I said hes an evil genius. People would see him down at the beach. They would post it on Facebook looking for the owner game for the owner but unfortunately I do not have Facebook so I did not know I did not know he was getting out for the longest time because he was always there when I get home. For about 2 weeksUntil one day he wasn't hom. Instead of calling my phone number on his dog tags they call the dog pound which is fine which is fine because that way I knew where he was and I was able to go pick him up. After I brought him home we tried something different and he didn't get out for about 2 weeks and then got out again. This time people arranged for him to be rehomed. His frequent visits to the beach Gave people the idea he is not loved or cared for at home or that he is leaving home and search for something that hes not getting at home which couldn't be farther from the truth… we aren't perfect but me and my dog we are a tight team.. we've grown together and learned from each other and know one will understand that dog like I do because he is not a normal dog. He also is on kidney and seizure medication that costs $630 a month and he NEEDS his medications……I'm offering a reward of a $500 amazon gift card or $300 cash to any info leading to his safe return home..