Reunited Cat

ColorBlack, brown fluffy fur
Lost atProgress Avenue , Eureka
Lost onSaturday, Oct. 9
DescriptionButters is such a friendly cat who loves to play and is one heck of a hunter. He's more of an outdoor cat but when its time to come home, he's at his usual spot where he likes to lay around the back red apartment complex parking area or sometimes he's in my neighbors backyard and I would just find him there. He sometimes would just come home on his own and we'll hear scratches and him meowing at the door. Before he was adopted, we saved his life when he was suffering on his own when he had an abscess and a fever. To saving his life and now not being able to find him, I don't know what else to do but to keep calling out for him around my neighborhood. Due to work I might not be able to answer phone calls right away so sorry in advance, but you could also text or email me. Thank you!