Lost Cat

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ColorBlack w/ smallwhite underside
Lost atBell springs road, Garberville
Lost onMonday, Nov. 8
DescriptionShe's has been missing since late Halloween night. We are off of Bell springs road, close to the Harris store. She has a pink heart tag on her silver frayed collar that is trimmed in rinestones. The tag says Mae and the name of the owner is Kelley Walker, however the phone number on the tag is wrong. The new numbers to call would be 678-877-9050 or 470-662-1817. Ask for Sam or Kelley. We're both looking for our cat. We're beyond worried now. She seemed to have been scared of the storm and ran off but she's never been gone this long. I love her very much and just want her to be safe and hopefully home soon. Please help us find Mae.