Lost Dog

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ColorOrange and white… white face
Lost at321 Schirman Way off Palmer blvd, Fortuna
Lost onSaturday, Nov. 20
DescriptionI let her out of my car at my friends house 321 Schirman Way up top of hill for less than 5 min turned my back and she was gone. House is surrounded by redwood forest both directions… she is wearing her collar w tags that have my number and her name and her rabies tag from Humboldt County and a tile tag that unfortunately was not turned on until after she was gone. Me and about 5 other people have spent 8 hours looking on foot and by atv and no luck. She is very elderly, bad arthritis in legs and back and cannot walk far or up hills or for long periods. She weighs about 40 lbs now, has a shaved left front leg because she was at vet for Pancreatitis 3 weeks ago… she is on daily medication to keep her alive and a very strict special diet for the pancreatitis. She is also pretty deaf at this point and also blind cannot see or make out people unless very close to her. She is my child my whole world. And I am devestated. I’m sleeping by my car at the house she was lost at. Anyone in the Palmer Blvd area or Fortuna or possibly Rohner Park or even the back end of Headwaters… she can’t walk far normally but she has never been gone more than 10 min from my sight. And it’s been almost 9 hours now. Yelling, clapping, anything. If you hear your dogs barking outside please go look . She’s very friendly and will approach anyone or any animal… she loves everyone and everything. She is also a barkless breed so she makes no sounds now that she’s older.
ContactPam Dubaldi