Lost Cat

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ColorBlack Smoke
Lost at2340 H St, Eureka
Lost onSunday, April 24
DescriptionDjango is a long hair black cat with green eyes and a long fluffy tail. His front canine is chipped. He has always been an indoor/outdoor cat since he was 6 months old but we’ve been keeping him in more as he’s gotten older. He had been inside the week of the storm and he ran outside when things cleared up on Sunday 4/24. Lately he’s been going out for longer periods of time (2 days max) and we’re wondering if he’s going somewhere else for food during these times. He’s very sweet, and friendly. We are worried because he’s never been gone this long. If you are feeding him or sheltering him please call me! I just want to know he’s alright. We miss him very much.
ContactKT Livingston