Lost Pet

ColorDark brownish blond
Lost at3080 Central Avenue, Unit 2, McKinleyville
Lost onThursday, May 5
DescriptionHe was in my back yard last night . I went to working returne home and the silly thing is gone!! He isn't my pet I borrowed him to get the weeds in the back now He is mia!! We live on central close to the air port so it's not out in the sticks a goat running around should be way out of normal even for this neighborhood so please let me know if any one has Sen a really scruffy looking goat running around He had a collar on so there is some identifying something on him . But once again he is scruffy dark sand blonde goat zero respect for anyone bad attitude and does not answer to his name Crumb. total disrespect or concerns for you or your property . Sorry He just a goat .