Lost Dog

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Lost at704 Kellogg Gulch Rd, Hayfork
Lost onWednesday, June 22
DescriptionArea: Brady Rd/Rocky Rd, Hayfork, CA Wild dog chased him off my property (June 18, 9pm). Last sighting was Kellogg-Gulch Rd x Laurel Road (June 22, around 8am). He is a black chow chow. Do not approach unless committed to catching him bc he will attempt to run. He is a rescue from an abusive home. He has a light blue collar, with updated tags, and small jingling bells. ~45lbs, less now since he’s been away. I have reason to believe he is injured from the initial dog chase. I tried to search, but was told to stop bc I’m leaving my scent in too many places. If spotted please take photographs of the area and also call me at 505-239-3445. He is my service animal as well as my emotional support animal and I’m really hurting without him. :( Trying to get the word out. Someone saw him but didn’t know he was lost. :(