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Lost at1338 Myrtle, Eueka
Lost onSunday, July 24
Description Hello, something very disturbing at least to me. My husband gets home about 6:00 am every morning. He asked me to go look at a house for rent in the Myrtle area this morning when he got home. He was upset saying he saw a young cat hit by car this morning and it looked like one of our cats, but it was a tuxedo. He moved it out of the street, right side of street near sidewalk to a wooded grassy area. Under its paw was the lost poster enclosed. The poster was a lost cat, Obie. He asked me to call the owner, Mike. I texted Mike around 10;00 am to have him text me back that Obie was home. I was happy for Obie but sad for other cat. My husband said short haired cat. I saw on July 20th a report of deceased kitty on Myrtle multi color long hair cat near a ice cream drive through. I think this is the same cat, strange to be 2 different cats in same area. Why did someone leave a poster under cat paw,( blood stain on poster in pic) If this is the SAME cat ,why did nobody pick it up…………sad. My husband put the cat in a wooded grassy area about 150 feet before you get to TEa Garden on same side of street.( Lots of trees busy area) I did not see the cat and would not want to . We have ten of our own. CAn someone please pick this poor puss up.? Please. Husband after hearing Obie is at home, said mayby a hate crime, but sounds like cat from July 20th in bike lane. no collar and that is all I know. It disturbs me when animals are not picked up and just left in street. Thank you very much.
ContactPatricia Hawk Smith