Lost Cat

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Lost at834 Westhaven Drive S., Trinidad
Lost onSaturday, May 6, 2023
DescriptionSTILL MISSING… :-/ It's been over 2 months now, but I'll continue to hold out hope & so am recirculating this- many thanks for everyone's help! Kit Kat hasn't been seen since Wednesday morning, March 1. she's never been gone more than a day or so. She's a himalayan mix, kinda small but very fluffy. Green eyes. Lives off South Westhaven Drive just north of 8th Ave. in Westhaven. She's fixed and microchipped. Posters are circulated and the litterboxes have been placed outside per others' suggestions (but then later removed because an animal tracker says the litterbox attracts predators). Hoping she isn't stuck somewhere (please check your outbuildings and garages just in case)…If she's been spotted or taken in for some reason please let us know & help us get her returned home. We miss her very much! Thanks All…