Lost Dog

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ColorCream / Creme
Lost atRhoner Park, Fortuna
Lost onTuesday, Nov. 30, 2021
DescriptionI WILL NEVER STOP LOOKING FOR MY MS. PEACHES ''The other day someone had sent me a picture of of loose dog that was of the same breed, similar color and conformation as my missing Ms. Peaches. Now I know that it’s a long shot but I miss her so and mourn her everyday because I don’t know what happened to her. She went missing from the area of Rohner Park 11/30/2021. She will dart out of the door anytime that you open it because she was raised in a puppy mill in Fresno and the feedings would be achieved through a race through the kennel door. She can climb 6 foot fences unless you put a cap on your kennel. She will hold you when you sleep and place her paw insistently on your knee when you are sad. I miss my Ms. Peaches. Here is my new contact information Tammy Home phone 707 682 8021 or cell 707 740 8016. Here are the pictures of the loose dog. Assumed to be male. However, Ms. Peaches without proper grooming would need sheep sheers or an $85.00 groomer bill to clean her up ever 14 weeks. She would get just as furry as the loose dog. I miss her so.