Reunited Dog

Colorblack with white and brown
Lost atnear Eastern Ave, Arcata
Lost onMonday, Nov. 13, 2023
DescriptionSTILL MISSING - POSSIBLY INJURED hit by a car crossing Foster Ave toward Shay Park Arcata and then ran off along the bike path that goes south along Alliance. I am writing on behalf of Rachel whose dog, JAKE, is missing. We have received a fairly credible report that he may have been struck by a vehicle and is still missing. Of course we don’t blame the driver and are looking for more information about that incident- exact date and time, how badly he was injured, direction of travel, etc. We are hoping someone who personally saw the dog hit by the car on Foster Ave by the basketball hoops will provide more detail so we can track him. Jan Carr has been notified and is now helping the family, as well. Hoping to get the word out. Please keep your eye out for JAKE. He may bite if injured as he is a timid dog. If folks spot him they can contact Rachel 707-845-8373 Most gratefully…