Lost Cat

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ColorGray and white tabby
Lost atCommercial and Second Streets, Eureka
Lost onTuesday, April 2
DescriptionChaos was last seen in Old Town near 2nd Street and Commercial Street. Chaos belongs to one of the unhoused women in Old Town. Chaos is a small grey and white tabby, female, less than a year old and, sadly, very pregnant. Chaos got scared during one of the very windy days (she's been missing for two days now) and hid. Her human has been looking for her and Chaos is microchipped—my name/number is attached to the chip info. Her person wanted to get her fixed but was afraid to do so after she discovered Chaos was pregnant. I'm trying to help with this. My husband and I are currently fostering Chaos's mother until such time their person gets inside. We are also going to help with Chaos if her person wants us to, by letting her have her kittens here. It's a frustrating cycle as I'm sure many of you appreciate, but this woman loves her cats and they are amazingly sweet for having been raised outside. I don't have a picture of Chaos but I do have one of her mother and they do look very similar. If you do spot/find this beautiful baby, please ping me!
ContactDana Fredsti