Lost Dog

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Name“Little Girl”
ColorLight brown
Lost at2008 Leavenworth st, San Francisco
Lost onMonday, July 1
Description I’m a public health RN. One of my clients needed her puppy to be fostered while she was in the hospital and asked me to find a foster for her. The foster (who lives in SF) I found agreed to take care of the dog for 3 months, but stopped responding to my texts a couple months ago. She just shared with me recently that she “gave the dog up for adoption” but will not share to whom or where the dog is located. This dog is still registered to my client, microchipped and considered stolen. Specifically looking for anyone who has seen her. She is very friendly, playful and just over a year old. My client is devastated and actively looking for her dog and calling all the shelters in the area to get information.
ContactKristen Gundlach