Lost Cat

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NameLil Sweets
ColorBlack and white
Lost at465 Fortuna Blvd #14, Fortuna
Lost onWednesday, March 8, 2017
DescriptionAbout 7 days ago inlet her and my other cat out. They like to play with the other cats in our trailor park ( which there are several ). Anyway she usually come back in about 2 hrs later but she didn't. Then she didn't come in for her afternoon nap. Then again no sign of her that evening or that night. I'm have gone around ànd called to her which 90% of the time she would come but not let you pick her up. But she always showed. Now it's going into the 8th day. I have heard rumors that the overseer set poison out for them. There's nonlive lost with him there. several other cats have fonemmissing also. Just vanished.. some were fixed others like sweets wasn't. Imhad thought that maybe she went into heat but she should have returned by now.
ContactMatthew A. Lackey