Lost Cat

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Lost atE and 14th, Eureka
Lost onFriday, March 17, 2017
DescriptionMy dear cat got out last night on E and 14th in eureka and I'm a little scared, she's never been outside before so I don't know if she's going to be ok, she's very friendly so she might have gotten scared and sought shelter with a kind hearted household. Her name is Luna , she's fairly small, only about 8 months old, calico and super cute and friendly!! She's not wearing a collar. If you see her pleeeease let me know, or if you happen to capture her. I'm a little worried and her sister kitty misses her and keeps crying by the door!! Thanks in advance!! It's not the black kitty in the pic but the one behind her, Luna has an orange strip from her chin down. Contact Meriah 719 210 5776