Lost Dog

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Lost atUnknown Address, Laytonville-Spyrock area
Lost onTuesday, April 11, 2017
Description**MISSING PUG** Leggett area, Answers to Zeppy. He has been gone since April 11th. He is 2 yrs old, a runt so very small. He was gone through a night of rain and a night of snow. He may have gotten injured by another animal, or possible kidnapped. He wandered off with his best dog friend. She came back and he did not, and they are inseparable. The problem is the location they live in is extremely rural. It's in the mountains. There are no paved roads. It's off the 101, and there isn't a town 30 mins either side of the bottom of the mountain. The closest town is Leggett, If you have any info, please contact 707-984-8584.
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